About Us

We care about your health and provide best ayurvedic solutions.

Awa Rehab International is a unique Ayurveda Hospital with special emphasis to ortho-neuro rehabilitation. It portrays itself as an excellent center of ortho-neuro rehabilitation for treatment and management of disorders related to muscles, joints, spinal cord, nervous system and brain. Awa Rehab International is an ably managed and guided by a team of qualified professionals and experienced staff.

We have all the specialties related to orthopedic, neurology physiotherapy and other allied therapies. Specialized with advanced rehabilitation treatments and therapies, Awa Rehab International has its reputation to provide quality ayurvedic care at a very affordable cost.

A leading global health care brand, providing personalize therapies in India and worldwide. Awa Rehab International (ARI) is a global health care company.  Guided by doctors and therapists to meet the needs of those living with spinal injuries and other disabilities, we are an established fixture on the international healthcare scene.

We work closely with patients and the medical professionals who treat them to deliver world-class physiotherapy from the Indian subcontinent with an emphasis on ultimate cure. Awa developed posture correction techniques for people with scoliosis and other serious health problems. Our organization has evolved into a centre of excellence by helping individuals regain their independence as well as their self-confidence through bespoke assessments, world class treatment facilities, equipment and innovative personalize treatment methods.

We provide comprehensive services including neurological rehabilitation, neurosurgery, orthopedics, general medicine and so on. With our comprehensive service, we strive to provide better quality of life with better medical care.

Healing process practiced using traditional Ayurvedic guidlines